Odisha Timber and Other Forest Produce Transit (Amendment) Rules II, 2017 vide Government Notification No.10F(TR)-28/2016(PT)-19461/F&E dt.15.9.2017- insertion of time limit for online application in Section 7(8)

Sl. No. Relevant Section under OT & OFP Transit (Amendment) Rules II, 2017 Particulars with time frame
1 Rule 7 (8)(b)(1) On receipt of the application the D.F.O. shall scrutinize it and send one copy thereof to the concerned Tahasildar within 2 days of such receipt for joint verification of the field.
2 Rule 7 (8)(c)(1) On receipt of copy of such application from the Divisional Forest Officer, the Tahasildar shall examine the matter with reference to the records and intimate to the D.F.O. within a period of 2 days of such receipt authorizing an officer not below the rank of Revenue Supervisor, if the Tahasildar himself cannot participate in the joint verification, to attend the joint verification.
3 Rule 7 (8)(d)(1) On receipt of intimation from the Tahasildar, the DFO shall fix Department Officials, and intimate the same to the Tahasildar. The Assistant Conservator of Forests or the Range Officer as may be duly authorized by the DFO in that behalf shall take up the joint verification. The Tahasildar or the Revenue Supervisor authorized by him shall attend the joint verification on the date fixed by the DFO. The applicant shall bear the Amin fees if any, for requisitioning the services of the Amin for the office of the Tahasildar for the purpose of joint verification the exercise of joint verification shall include complete joint verification with reference to the village map and Record-of-rights to determine in the field the boundaries of each of the plots and also the boundary of the adjoining forest block, if any. It will also include the enumeration of the trees and bamboos standing in each plot and verifying the ownership of the plots in question with reference to the Record-of-rights and by local enquiries. In case of the application for removal of bamboos, the joint verification shall include complete verification of such bamboos (counting of existing bamboos). In respect of firewood, joint verification shall include estimation of firewood from lops and tops. A detailed enumeration list in triplicate and map of the surveyed area shall be appended to the joint verification. The report of joint verification and enumeration of trees and bamboos standing on the plots as mentioned in the application for transit permit shall be submitted jointly by the concerned officials to the Tahasildar, who will thereupon forward the same after necessary scrutiny at his level to the DFO. After necessary scrutiny, the DFO will communicate the result of joint verification to the applicant. The whole process of conducting the joint verification and communicating the results thereof to the applicant should be completed within 21 days from the date of receipt of intimation from the Tahasildar.
4 Rule 7 (8)(e)(1) In case of any discrepancy found in the joint verification report, the D.F.O. shall make specific order indicating reasons and shall intimate the same to the applicant within the same period as mentioned in Clause (d), who shall remove the discrepancy within two days of the receipt of the orders.
5 Rule 7 (8)(f)(1) The DFO, if he considers expedient, may have a test check either by himself or through the Assistant Conservator of Forests, after obtaining necessary orders in that regard from the concerned Conservator of Forests. The rest check, if any, shall be completed within seven days from the date of receipt of the intimation from the applicant regarding removal of discrepancy, or from the date of joint verification showing no discrepancy, as the case may be. If the test check is not completed within stipulated period, it shall be deemed to have been done with no discrepancy found.
6 Rule 7 (8)(g)(1) After completion of the joint verification or of the test check, if any, made, the D.F.O. shall direct the applicant to register his property hammer mark with him no deposit of the required fees which shall be done within two days.
7 Rule 7 (8)(i)(1) The D.F.O. shall thereafter get the timber including round wood-billets branded with the Forest Department hammer mark bearing letter "P.T." within two days from the date of receipt of list referred to in Clause (h).
8 Rule 7 (8)(j)(1) The applicant thereafter submit within a week a list in triplicate specifying the number, species, size of timber and/or quantity of fire-wood and / or quantity of other forest produce proposed to be removed. Within four days of receipt of the documents, the DFO or the Assistant Conservator of Forests authorized in that behalf, as the case may be shall, after proper verification of the documents allow removal of the timber/ fire-wood/ other forest produce by issue of the required timber transit permit.
9 Rule 7 (8)(k)(1) On day of actual removal of timber / fire-wood/ other forest produce, the applicant shall inform in writing to the authority granting permit, the vehicle number and route in which the removal is to be made.

* As per Government Letter No.10F(TR)-28/2016(PT)-19531/F&E dt.15.9.2017 communicated to all field functionaries vide PCCF Memo No.20808/ 1F(FU&FP)(FP)-15/2017 dt.21.9.2017, the joint inspection report should be submitted online within 48 hours of joint inspection done under Section 7(8)(d)(1) of the Odisha Timber and Other Forest Produce Transit (Amendment) Rules II, 2017