What is Online Odisha Timber Transit Permit System ?

The Online Timber Transit Permit System, Odisha (OTTPS) is an online application where the citizens and the institutions can apply for TT Permit. This system eradicates lengthy and tired some manual procedure of getting timber transit permit.

What are the facilities available here ?

The applicant gets the following benefits using online system:

  • It provides door step facility for the applicants.
  • Apply for fresh/ in lieu timber transit permit.
  • Going through online takes very less time even less than half of the manual procedure.
  • Track status of the application with a single click from anywhere etc.

Who can apply for transit permit ?

Any Individual / Institution desirous of tree removal of the standing trees or sized timber can apply in Form No.III & Form No.II to the Divisional Forest Officer under whose jurisdiction the land in question for transportation of logs/ timbers/ forest produce.

Where do I apply for TT Permit ?

Applicant can apply online through OTTPS site, where as you are free to apply manually as current practice with visiting DFO office.

How do I apply for transit permit ?

Refer : "Procedure to Apply Online Application" section of OTTPS home page.

I want to cut some trees and transit it. Which permit should I apply for ?

Any Individual / Institution who intended to fell the trees, convert into logs or sized timber and transport can apply in Form No.III as Fresh Transit Permit Application.

What are the required documents that the applicant must bear before applying for transit permit ?

Refer : Check List of document section under "Procedure to Apply Online Application" of OTTPS home page.

What is the application fee for transit permit ?

Any applicant having a registered mobile number in his/her name can apply for timber transit permit without any application fee.
(Note: Applicable hammer registration fees shall be paid by applicant at the time of Property Hammer Registration.)

Where I can check my application status ?

An applicant can check/ track the status of the applied timber transit permit application in following 2 ways.

  • Online by: "Check Your Application Status" option given in the home page.
  • Offline by: "Check Status by SMS" option. For detail procedures go to home page click on "Check Status by SMS" and follow the steps.

What is Property Hammer ?

Property hammer is the Facsimile prepared by applicant and punched in both ends of logs/ sized timber to specify ownership of the applicant duly approved by Divisional Forest Officer.

What is Conversion List ?

A Conversion List is the serial number of all the logs converted from a tree and numbered separately showing the tree number & the log number in each log.

What is the registration fee for Property Hammer ?

The property hammer registration fee is Rs.5/- which will be valid upto July of that year or Rs.10/- which will be valid upto three years ending 31st July of third year.

What is In Lieu transit permit ?

Any Individual / Institution desirous of transporting logs, timbers or other forest produce from the existing points having documents about its authenticity with regard to previous transit permit and / or conversion taken up by authorized Saw Mill is the In-Lieu Transit Permit & applied in Form –II (In-Lieu transit permit application).

What is the timeline for Timber Transit Permit ?

It is 43 days for online application through OTTPS where is 172 days for offline applications.
Note: Please refer "Time Limit for Online Application" section of OTTPS for complete detail.

Where I can view the joint verification reports, Property Hammers registered and permits issued in various forest divisions in the state ?

Refer :"Inspection Reports and Orders" section of OTTPS home page.

What are the name of trees for which transit permit is required ?

All species of trees require transit permit except exempted category of trees.
Refer : "List of Species Exempted from Transit Permit" section of OTTPS home page.

How many times I need to visit forest offices ?

Only once at the time of receiving original copy of TT Permit.

Where do I get my TT Permit ?

In case of fresh permit you can get the TT Permit at concern Division office but in case of In Lieu permit at concern Division office or at Range office as per intemation received through SMS.