Risk Assessment Study of different species


(As per Rule 5(1)(J) of Orissa Timber & Other Forest Produce Transit Rules, 1980

List of exempted species as on 01.06.2017

Sl. No. Scientific / Local Name Area where no Transit Permit is required
1 Bambusa nutans (Sundar-Kani) Whole State
Bambusa vulgaris (Badi-Baunsa) Whole State
Bambusa tulda (Bolangi-Baunsa) Whole State
2 Samanea saman (Bada Chakunda) Whole State
3 Cassia siamea (Sana Chakunda) Whole State
4 Casuarina equisetifolia (Jhaun) Districts of Ganjam, Gajapati, Rayagada, Koraput, Nawarangpur and Malkangiri
5 Grevillea robusta (Silver Oak) Districts of Nawarangpur, Koraput, Malkangiri and Rayagada
6 Eucalyptus hybrid (Patas/ Nilgiri) Whole State
7 Acacia auriculaeformis (Sunajhari/ Acacia) Whole State
8 Leucaena leucocephala (Subabul) Whole State
9 Lemonia acidissima(Kaitha) Whole State
10 Spondias pinnata(Ambada) Whole State
11 Citrus maxima (Batapi) Whole State
12 Dillenia indica (Oau) Whole State
13 Moringa oleifera (Sajana) Whole State
14 Averrhoa carambola (Karamanga) Whole State
15 Streblus asper (Sahada) Whole State
16 Borassus flabellifer (Palm tree) Whole State
17 Polyalthia longifolia (Debadaru) Whole State
18 Murraya koenigi (Bhersunga) Whole State
19 Acacia leucophloea (Gohira) Whole State
20 Gliricidia maculata (Gliricidia) Whole State
21 Erythrina variegata (Paladhua) Whole State
22 Cocus nucifera (Coconut) Whole State

The transit permit for the above mentioned 22 species is not required under Orissa Timber and Other Forest Produce Transit Rules 1980 ammended upto 2017.

The trees sought to be given felling permission are classified basing on the risk factors to be inspected by the field officials as below:

  • High Risk - The species like Sandal wood (Santalum album) is to be monitored as per the Odisha Sandalwood Possession and Transit Rules 2016.
  • Medium Risk – All other trees except the exempted species are considered as medium risk trees. All medium risk trees will be considered for site inspection as per Form - III and II for issue of Transit Permit.
  • Low Risk – All exempted species mentioned above are considered as low risk and no application and inspection is required.

Replanting Requirement:

The replanting requirement against the Forest Land diverted for non-forest purpose is taken up as per guidelines of Government of India under Forest Conservation Act, 1980. This is with respect to the area irrespective of the number of trees to be removed from the forest land. However, for tree removal in non-forest land for different projects in Government Land / Road side, the User Agency is required to take up plantations for 10 times the number of trees to be cut or else will deposit the money with Odisha Forest Development Corporation in consultation with Forest Department and OFDC Ltd. This is with regard to the Government circular issued vide Letter No.10F(Cons.)-87/2007-5066/F&E dt.11.3.2010 and PCCF's memo No.5613/ 9F(Misc.) -27/2014 dt.27.3.2014.