In-lieu Application procedure & Checklist of documents

Application Procedure:

  • Any Individual / Institution desirous of transporting logs, timbers or other forest produce from the existing points having documents about its authenticity with regard to previous transit permit and / or conversion taken up by authorized Saw Mill need to apply in Form –II to the Divisional Forest Officer under whose jurisdiction the land in question for transportation of logs/ timbers/ forest produce.
  • The DFO will verify the application with respect to the Checklist of documents submitted by the applicant about the genuineness of the forest produce present on the site and ask for a field verification by an officer authorized by the DFO.
  • On receipt of the verification report, the DFO will issue order by authorizing an Officer for issue of T.T. Permit.
  • In case of sale and change of ownership, the new owner has to take up the Property hammer registration as per procedure laid down in Stage 2 of first application mentioned above.
  • The applicant will follow the procedure for applying Transit Permit stating the details of the forest produce with vehicle No., Name of Driver, transportation details and date of transport as applicable in Stage 3 of the original application.
  • The authorized officer will issue T.T. Permit in Form I in favour of the applicant for the logs/ timbers/ forest produce to be transported in different vehicles and different dates as per the verification received from the officer entrusted earlier in Stage 2.

Checklist of documents:

  1. Form II – Application form duly filled in.
  2. Certified copy of the document regarding ownership of the produce.
  3. (a) Previous Transit Permit.
    (b) Conversion of timber, if it is made from a authorized Saw Mill.
    (c) Sale deed / Money Receipt, if sale is made to other person.
    (d) Deposit of Tax and copy of the receipt.